Try Exercise Ball Workout To Increase Your Resistance Power!

Exercise is the most important aspect that makes your mind and body fit.

Through exercise, you can enjoy the refreshment of your mind. Exercise keeps the body in perfect state.

Your resistance power also will be increased through exercises.

Small infections will not be affected to you if you do exercises regularly.

There are various types of exercises that you can do for physical fitness and mental fitness. If you want mental fitness, then go for yoga. It is the best method to keep your mind and soul peaceful.Exercise Ball Workout

There are various types of exercises that make your body slim and trim through physical exercises. Among them, the exercise ball workout is a method in which you want to do exercises using a ball. In this method, you have to do various exercises in different angles using an exercise ball.

This exercise ball workout involves strength training exercises. These exercises should be performed by experienced practitioner or under the guidance of them. You should warm up your body with simple exercises before starting exercise ball workout.

The steps involved in exercise ball workout and the process is as follows:

One legged deadlift is the first exercise in which you have to stand with one foot on the ball, other leg of yours should be slightly bent and you should hold dumbbells in front of your thighs.

You should keep your shoulders back with back flat and abs in. You should bring weights down to knees and your hands should be close to thighs. Repeat this process with another leg.

Chest flyes with leg raise is the second exercise in which you have to lie on the ball by holding dumbbells straight up, palms face in. You should extend one leg and lower down the arms to chest level. In the same way do it again by changing your leg.

A hamstring roll is a process in which you have to lie on the floor by placing your heels on the ball. You should squeeze glutes and lift hips till your body is in straight line. You should press your heels into the ball and roll it towards you by keeping your abs and glutes tight.

Seated lateral raise with hip flexion is a process in which you have to sit on the ball with dumbbells at sides.

You should lift one foot off the ground and in the same position you should raise your arms to shoulder level by keeping your wrists straight and elbows slightly bent. Repeat the process with other leg.

One legged lunge is an exercise in which you have to stand few feet away from the ball  by placing one foot on the ball. Now bend your front knee by lowering your hips towards the ground by keeping your toe behind the knee and back straight.

Oblique is the process in which you have to be in side lying position with leg bending by fisting on the temples. With tightened muscles, you should pull the ribcage towards your hip. Repeat it by bending on other side.

These are some of the exercises that you can perform using exercise ball. You should try these under guidance of experienced person for the first time and later you can do it on your own.