How to Turn your Household Chores into Exercises

When you have a whole house to manage, exercising regularly at the gym might be somewhat ‘impossible’ task. With strict routine and work a house manager has to perform; usually the housewives actually cannot afford the luxury to keep a separate time for workouts.

Don’t worry, as fitness trainers say that equal amount of calories can be shed and you can easily exercise even while doing your household chores. Just turn your boring every day work into a fun and rejuvenating exercise regime.

This surely does not mean that you do the activities for a longer period of time or with more agility etc. – it has a specific pattern and flow that should be maintained simultaneously as you do the household chores. Sounds pretty surprising? Why don’t you just try out the following in the list and see where your fitness quotient rises.

turn your household chores into exercises

Do the Laundry

Nobody likes doing laundry, especially of clothes that smell. But what if something good came out of doing it? Like getting the perfect body like the celebrities? Laundry tossing actually help you to develop strong abdominal muscles, low back and the hip region.

From about 10 to 15 feet away from your washing machine, pick up the laundry basket to your waist level and stand in a position where your washing machine is towards your right. Now with the basket to your left, pick up the dirty laundry and place it in the machine one at the time while turning at your waists. Now after mastering this, do the same for the washed out clothes, only this time out of the machine instead of inside.

Twist and Rake it All

Whether you are raking the leaves off your garden or sweeping your floors, you are actually doing a lot of exercises. The key is to get the movement correctly. Take long steady strokes at the same time you are turning at sharp right angles. It works your torso, pulls your ligaments as well as your abdominal muscles.

You can either use a mop or just sweep with a cleaning cloth, however, the later does more work on your body. It does faster strides than while you are standing with your mop, but anyway, both works. Just remember to do the movements both from right to left and vice versa.

Side Stretch While Standing

You don’t always need dumbbells to gain that extra muscles and reduce some unwanted fat. Just use household everyday stuffs to lift. For example, try two milk cartons or briefcases. Place both of them on both of your hands. Now stand straight with both your legs a little more than shoulder lengths apart.

Then bend your body from your waists sideways while lowering your hands as far as you can go without dropping the weights. You know how bad it is to waste a good carton of milk. Anyways, count till 15 to 20 seconds while you are holding your positions and then slowly return to your positions. Repeat on the other sides. This will help you increase your arm strength as well as make your back stronger.

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