Turning Sixty? Senior Exercise Is The Key To Sail through without disability and disease!

Sixty is the age of forgetful minds and wandering thoughts.

Without following senior exercise program, you may be facing problems like arthritis, bad knees, and spinal stenosis.

But there are doctors and nutritional specialists who advise you on senior exercise and diet that can help you live a better, longer and happier life.

If you are not following senior exercise plan, you often have more aches and pains if you some how escaped from arthritis and osteoporosis. Your sleep may be reduced at this age, your sense of taste may be changing and you are probably on prescription medications.senior exercise

You are not younger any more but at the same time it does not mean you have to lose your mobility and go senile.

When you are sedentary and hit sixties, the last thing you prefer is exercising and diet. You may think that it is too late to start senior exercise.

Unfortunately, if you do not start senior exercise, you have to suffer in the near future. If you start senior exercise, your body becomes flexible and the majority of old age problems do not come near you.

If you have lost your health at this age, you can improve your health. If you follow active and healthy lifestyle, you can prevent the diseases at this age. If you are healthy, you can stay in shape and healthy with senior exercise and diet.

There are no magic pills which will take you back to thirty again. You can not go back but you can change life right now. You can improve your health with senior exercise and eating habits right now.

You can feel youthful by workout. If you want to be slimmer, more energetic and sharper mentally, you have to work for it.

You have to take control of your life again at sixty. You have to work hard at this age but not at the same level as that you did in your young age. Your maximum aerobic heart rate range has dropped another ten beats per minute from what it was ten years ago.

Find the maximum heart rate:

The maximum heart rate can be found by subtracting your age from 220.

160 = your maximum heart rate.

If you want to work on low aerobic impact exercises to burn most fat, you have to work at 60-65% of your maximum heart rate. For sixty years, it is 96. If you want to work on cardiovascular condition, you have to workout at 75% of your maximum capacity. For sixty years age, it is 120 beats per minute.

To start with senior exercise program, get a heart rate monitor. By starting senior exercise workout, you can keep track of your heart rate how it is changing.

You can get many benefits of senior exercise if you follow it regularly. Your self confidence improves and you feel more confident. Senior exercise can be great way to meet people and stay connected.

If you follow senior exercise regularly, you will get better sleep than those who do not follow it. Your mental ability increases and there is a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease.