Types of Aerobics Workouts to Choose From

Though many fitness experts tend to dismiss aerobics in favor of other exercises, aerobics remains an excellent functional workout, which can be suitably tailored for all body types and fitness levels. In fact there is a great deal of variety in the type of aerobics workouts that one can choose from –

Free Style Aerobics

Types of Aerobics This style of aerobics is the most versatile and the instructor can create a routine that is most suitable for a given person, by adjusting it to the abilities and goals of a given class.

In freestyle aerobics the usual components could be dance combinations that are performed with the help of musical accompaniment and along with equipment such as a stepper and/or a barbell.

This is followed by some resistance training, using small weights, and then there may be some amount of stretching to enhance flexibility and also to cool down the muscles to avoid injury.

Step Aerobics

This style of aerobics is one of the popular styles that TV programs often teach; however many choose to attend step aerobics classes that are offered by gyms or fitness centers. As the term suggests, a step or elevated platform is used for this kind of aerobic workout, which is often referred to as the Reebok step (after the platform manufacturer).

Moves such as the basic step, lunges, T step, V step, L step, I step, split step, over the top, corner knee, repeater knee, straddle down and so on form part of this type of aerobics routine with different combinations of steps and sets.

Sports Aerobics

It is also known as Aerobic Gymnastics and involves high intensity, complex movements that require significant skill levels on part of the person who is doing the exercise. This form of aerobics is an amalgam of and draws from different disciplines such as rhythmic gymnastics, sports acrobatics, freestyle aerobics as well as dance and choreography.

The accent is on jumps and leaps, flexibility, strength, balance and so on. A competitive sport, it is graded on basis of artistic merit, level of difficulty and so on.

Water aerobics or Aqua Aerobics

It is performed by standing in a swimming pool and is a type of resistance training.  This kind of aerobics can be suitable for seniors as well, since it is low impact and supportive of body weight. It also reduces chances of injury and falling and allowing greater range of motion. Knowing how to swim is not a prerequisite for water aerobics since you are not required to go out of your depth.