Walking For Weight Loss – The ABCs Explained

Losing weight can be quite a challenge for just about anyone. There have been so many fad diets, weight loss programs and DVDs out in the market now to help people struggling to lose weight and get the body that they have been dreaming about.

With all these costly and popular methods for losing weight, many have begun to overlook the simple basic ways.

Walking for weight loss remains to be one of the simplest yet most effective methods to lose weight and stay slim.

It does not cost much and could be done at almost anywhere. Walking for weight loss also provides a number of benefits. It helps you relax and relieve stress as well.

To get the most from walking in order to lose weight, here are a few tips to consider.

Do it on a regular basis

As with any weight loss program, walking for weight loss should be done on a regular basis. You cannot expect any results if you would be doing this on an “on-off” basis.

When it is meant that walking for weight loss should be done on a regular basis, this does not also mean that you have to do this every single day, unless you are able to.

Make sure that you have a schedule and distance. Ideally, try walking every other day to give your body time to rest and recuperate until you are able to do this every day.

Pick up the pace

Many people who decide to take up walking for weight loss would tend to brisk walk most of the distance. This means that their strides are a bit wider and their pace is much faster than a stroll but slower than jogging.

If you have been walking for weight loss for quite sometime, you may want to pick up the pace a bit each time that you go out to walk. But make sure that you do this slowly.

Start from brisk walking for about 10 minutes and slowly work your way up until you are able to brisk walk the entire distance. This would allow you to burn up more calories as compared to simply taking a stroll around the block.

Wear comfortable running shoes

Walking for weight loss tends to cause your ankles and feet to experience hard impact, especially when you are brisk walking. So make sure that the shoes you are wearing are not just fashionable but comfortable.

Rubber shoes that have been designed for running are perfect. They provide the cushioning that your feet needs while ensuring that your ankles are protected from any possibility of twisting brought about by changes on the surface that you are walking on.

Supplement this with the right diet

No matter how long you may be walking for weight loss, if your diet contains high levels of fat, sugar and carbohydrates and less fiber and protein, you would not be able to lose the weight that you are trying so hard to shed.

Because walking for weight loss burns fat at a relatively slowly pace as compared to running or jogging, make sure that you switch to a low-fat, low-carbohydrate diet that is high in fiber and protein to get the results that you are hoping for.