Want To Increase Abdominal And Core Muscles? Go For Stability Ball Workouts!

Stability ball is also known as swiss ball or exercise ball.

This exercise ball or swiss ball can be incorporated into weight training, Pilates [Pilates Equipments] and other fitness routine.

Usage of this exercise ball has become the extremely popular way to increase abdominal and core muscles. [Toning your Abdominal Muscles]

You can get the stability ball in different sizes and colors.

Stability ball exercises:

  1. Sitting on the ball: Before starting exercises with stability ball, you should first practice ball work out by just sitting on the ball which is known as known as incline position. Sit in a position such that your feet should be widening on the floor. Now, slightly move your hips side to side by contracting the abdominals. Similarly by contracting the abdominals move your hips in small circles- one direction and then the other direction. This is the basic exercise you have to perform before starting stability ball workout.Stability Ball
  2. Lowering into supine incline position: To obtain the base of stability in this workout, keep your feet out wide on the floor by placing your hands on the either side of the ball. Now obtain slow walk by moving your feet ahead, keeping your knees bent and by allowing your hips to bend as you lower your bottom towards the floor. Try to stay in upright position by reclining slightly and by maintaining same pressure on the ball.
  3. Ball reverse lunge: In starting phase, stand in an upright position by facing your hips forward and by allowing your elbows to stay at the angle of 90 degrees. Keep your abs tight and knees slightly bent by resting your back foot on the ball with shoelaces face down. Now fully extend the leg which is present on the ball by lowering your body to perform one leg squat. To obtain balance while maintaining straight back, bend forward slightly at the waist. Return to the starting position by extending your front leg and hip. Perform 10 to 15 repetitions. Repeat the same process with other leg. With this exercise you can improve your balance, posture, hip and thigh flexibility.
  4. Ball lateral lunge: In starting phase stand in an upright position with your knees slightly bent. Rest your one leg (calf and ankle area) on the stability ball by facing your foot towards the front wall, back straight, abs tight and keeping your elbows straight at 90 degrees. Perform one leg squat by lowering your body and by keeping your shoulders and hips square by facing forward. As you lower your body into the squat, the stability ball will roll slightly laterally. Return to the starting position by extending your front leg and hip. Perform 10 to 15 repetitions. Repeat the same process with other leg. With this exercise, you can improve your lower body strength, hip flexibility, posture, inner thigh flexibility and balance.

These are some of the workouts with stability ball. This ball can be used at your gym or at your home. Swiss ball training can benefit for all ages and levels of fitness. [Other Exercise Ball Workouts]