Water Aerobics Is The New Method For Burning Calories And Increasing Power

Aerobics is a physical exercise, which is used to burn calories through various moments.

Water aerobics is a process in which we used to perform aerobics in water.

There is much difference between aerobics and water aerobics in movements.

Your body will be almost weightless in water, which makes water aerobics ideal for lowering body strength and increase power through power jumps.

The various steps that are to be performed for water aerobics are as follows:

  • You should start water aerobics in shallow water. You should note that the level of the water should stay between ribcage and underarm.Water Aerobics
  • You should warm up your body for 8 minutes by doing jogging around the pool, doing kicks, jumping jacks, strides and knee lifts.
  • Stretch your quadriceps, hip flexors, calf muscles and hamstrings slightly.
  • You should perform moves such as jogging, kicking, jumping jacks at very high intensity for 10 minutes. You should make your movements long and exaggerated.
  • In this step you have to perform a tuck jump. Later you should start with standing position, by keeping your knees and ankles together. The position should be in such a way that the knees should touch your chest. Now return to standing position. Now move your arms in circular motion at side of your body. The arms should be lengthening if you lift the knees and you should bend at the elbow as the legs are straightened.
  • In this step, first you have to perform frog jump.  Now make your knees, toes and thighs slightly turned out. You should bend your arms in diamond shape by keeping your fists close to the chest. You should lift the legs by pushing your arms down to the hips by obtaining diamond shape. Now return to the starting position.
  • You should execute a scissors jump. Now start in standing position. You should jump in such a way that one leg should move straight forward and the other leg should move directly behind the body. Now do this process again by keeping alternate leg front and other leg back. Your arms should move in opposite direction to the legs.
  • In this step you should begin in the same standing position for a heel lift. Jump and lift the heels towards the buttocks by keeping your knees and heels close together. Your arms should always get extended away from your shoulder height by slightly rounding at the elbow. Pull the arms down to the hips by lifting your legs.
  • In this step you should do jogging by kicking your legs for 3 minutes.
  • This is the last step. In this step you should stretch your hamstrings, quadriceps, calves and hip flexors deeply.

You should do jumping slowly for first time, later on you can increase your speed of jumping. You should wear running shoes or water shoes while doing water aerobics. Hence by doing water aerobics you can acquire proper fitness to your body.