Water Running Workouts As An Alternate For Traditional Running

Water running is a terrific alternative for regular land running training. There are several reasons why adding it to your workout routine is recommended.

If you have suffered an injury that prevents you from running on a harder surface, such as a sprained ankle or low back pain, water running can provide the exercise you need, without further injury.

Water running is also a great recovery workout after you have completed a long bike ride or a long run. If you structure your water running correctly, you can see as many benefits as running on land.water workout

Equipment You May Need

Some experts recommend a flotation device, such as a vest. This does help to keep the correct form while water running.

You will also want a waterproof heart monitor and, of course, a pool deep enough for your feet not to touch. You will need to remember that your heart rate is likely to be ten to fifteen beats lower than if you worked out on land. This is due to the buoyancy of the water.

Two Beneficial Workouts

Many athletes use water running as an integral part of their workout routine. There are two basic workouts that can provide outstanding results. The first is a steady state workout. This consists of ten minutes of warm-up, followed by steady running of five to ten minutes. There are three sets of steady running with a minute of slow running in between.

The second is a tempo interval workout. After the same warm-up exercises, you will do ten intervals. Each interval is one minute and there should be a thirty second break with easy running in between.

The next set will be five intervals that are two minutes a piece, with the same easy running in between. Finally the last set is three intervals of one minute each and thirty seconds in between. Take ten minutes to cool down after either routine.

Add Music or a Partner

You can have a lot of fun water running, especially if the pool has music available or if you can find someone to workout with you. There are also waterproof MP3 players available for about $250.

Cadence will help pass the time as well. You need about 80 cycles per minute, compared to 90 on land. You can break up the monotony by counting one leg for fifteen or twenty seconds, with a goal of twenty cycles.

Water Running Can be Fun and Beneficial

Water running can be a great way to break up the monotony from running on land. By incorporating this routine into your workout program, you will likely experience less aches and pains associated with running on a hard surface.

The water helps to cushion your entire body, preventing injuries, too. This is a fantastic way to burn calories and tone your entire body, as well as improve your cardiovascular system performance. Many pools are incorporating water running into their water aerobics workouts, as well. Check out this terrific way to get fit!