Weight Lifting Can Reduce Cholesterol Levels

In a recent study by the West Virginia University it was found that weight lifting significantly reduced the levels of cholesterol, specifically the levels of non-high lipoprotein cholesterol (non HDL-C).

This is important for non HDL-C is known to be the main cause of heart diseases.

Stanford University also conducted a meta-analytical research to define the exact effects weight training would have on people’s levels of cholesterol.

The promising results demonstrated that indeed weight training and any aerobic exercising definitely reduced the risk of heart diseases due to the reduced cholesterol.

Previous studies on this matter had given no precise results, indeed at times were contradictory. This research was aimed at dissipating once and for all the doubts around the effects of weight lifting on heart conditions, heart diseases being one of the main causes of death in the United States.

The research was in fact one of a kind for it analysed this issue using meta analysis to prove that there is indeed a direct connection between healthier heart conditions and weight lifting.

The research work using meta-analysis uses all data available and information concerning a determined topic. It then uses complex statistic calculations to find a connection or common denominator with the results of previous studies that have been carried out.