Wish to Get a Firmer, Muscular Neck? Find Out How!

A lot of people spend hours in the gym, toning their muscles, building abs, getting better shoulders but most forget that neck training is equally important and if done correctly, can lead to a muscular neck.  Many people have never even heard of neck training, making it one of the most neglected training groups of the body. Your neck is an important muscle, one which is almost always visible to people. It shows aging at a quicker rate than other muscles and hence targeting the neck area during exercising is all the more important.

Muscular Neck

There are many ways to get a firmer and very attractive looking neck. The following are some steps/exercises you can follow to tone your neck and make it firmer looking:

  • In the first exercise, you will need to sit down with your legs folded by keeping your spine straight. Now slowly start titling your head behind and hold onto this position for 10 seconds. This will make you feel a stretch under your jawline.  Now tilt your head back straight and repeat this exercise for five sets. This is a great way to tone your neck muscles.
  • The second form of exercise requires you to sit down and relax your shoulders.  You need to look straight in the initial position and then turn slowly all the way towards the right but keep in mind not to move your shoulder while doing so.  Hold onto this position for 5 seconds and feel the stretch above the collarbone.  Now repeat this exercise on the left side and complete 3 sets.
  • The next exercise requires you to get down in the position on your hands and knees.  Now drop down your head, making sure your spine, neck and elbows are kept straight.  At this position, you need to inhale in a slow motion and when you exhale; you need to curve your back downwards while you lift your head towards the up. Repeat this procedure for five counts.
  • The next exercise too helps you to get a muscular and firm neck. All you need to do is to tilt your head backwards and look straight while you sit comfortably. Now at this position, you will feel a stretch in the neck area. Now make sure your mouth is closed and slowly move you lower jaw in up and down motion.  Repeat this for 10 counts and then drop your head.  You must do a total of 3 sets to let this exercise improve your neck muscles and tone them properly.
  • Neck harness-this exercise requires the need of a special kind of a neck harness.  You might need to purchase this harness as it is not available easily at gyms. Sit down on a bench with your head lowered to the level of the neck and parallel with shoulders.  Now raise your head back to the top position. This is another great exercise for all those who wish to build a firmer neck.

Photo Credit: prevent-eliminate-reduce-turkey-neck.blogspot.in