Women and Age Appropriate Workout Rules

We grow old but nobody says we should become lazy. It is scientifically proved that in spite of constant training, with aging the amount of stamina and muscle mass decreases and so does the effectiveness of the workouts we practice.

Women and Age Appropriate Workout Rules

Like with everything else in life, when it comes to staying fit, the age has its own mind. This being said you should remember that there are certain age related rules your workout must comply with.

20 and Energetic

Being in your 20’s offers you a high amount of energy. According to fitness gurus this is the time to try new routines but it is also the time when you should be careful about injuries that could affect you on a long run.

Try 45-60 minutes of moderate cardio exercise 6 times / week, combined with 2 or 3 sessions of strength training. Choose short intervals of training of 15-20 minutes and you can be sure that you will build endurance for the years to come.

The 20’s are the ideal time to train for moderate performance like a marathon or a cycling tour.

30 and Busy

Most women realize they are too busy to workout in their 30’s. The daily schedule and family can interfere with a workout program and this is why it’s mandatory to stick to an effective routine.

Consider weight training 2 times/a week to compensate for the muscle mass you lose and keep in mind that an increased muscular mass will lead to a faster metabolism.

You should divide the cardio activity in 3 weekly sessions. Choose a moderate pace and have at least 45 minutes of cardio with every session. Planks, push-up rotations, balance and scissors are part of the best routine for this age.

40 and Enduring

With the years passing, the importance of strength training increases. In your 40’s, you should go for weight lifting 3 times every week. You should start with lighter weight and gradually increase the amount of weight to avoid muscle injury. Also, a light warm-up and a good stretching post this workout will help your muscles and joints be safe.

Moderate aerobic training like running, jogging and brisk walking will help with the perimenopause and prevent weight gain.

Stretching for Every Age

A good stretch improves not only the flexibility but also muscle mass. This is why taking yoga or Pilates is a good idea at any age.