Top 7 Low-Cost Workout Plans for Women

Staying fit does not require you to spend too much. There are diet pills and supplements sold in the market but they can be too expensive.

Gym membership fees are also rising while buying your own exercise machines can make you bankrupt.

Other people are easily discouraged especially if they exercise alone. In order for your workout to be effective and fun, try these low-cost workout plans for women.

Women can be very conscious about their figure and health. However, due to the demands of their work and responsibilities at home, they no longer have time to hit the gym. There are also those who get easily tired and bored of exercising alone.

Indeed, it is very advantageous if you have someone to exercise with and for free. You will easily achieve the kind of fitness women dream of by regular workout with your buddies.

These workout plans for women can be performed with friends, which prove that staying fit can actually be fun and inexpensive.

Here are some fun workout plans for women, which can be done with friends:


If your friends live in the neighborhood, you can always plan a daily walking session at the park or just around the area every morning. On the other hand, you may also opt to walk together in going to work and afterwards. You can even take a stroll after dinner to burn more calories and achieve the fitness women are after.


Jogging is a part of the exercise regimen in fitness women apply in their daily lives. It is good for the heart and lungs. It can help you shed off those excess fats in no time at all.

Further, it will develop your endurance and stamina. Jogging long distances can be made more fun and exciting when done with friends.


Swimming must include in the workout plans for women. If you have no time to exercise together on weekdays, invite your pals on weekends to take a dip in your pool or go out of town and swim at the beach. Swimming provides a whole body workout which can tone and strengthen your muscles.


Biking is the ideal cardiovascular workout for women. Invite your girlfriends to go biking during weekends. You can bike your way to the nearest shopping center or bike going to the next town.

The fresh air, scenic views, and the heat of the sun can make biking with friends the ideal weekend getaway and exercise at the same time. No other exercises for fitness women perform often can be more fun than this.


The gym is not exactly the best place to exercise. Save yourself the trouble of going to the gym and spending money by exercising in your place or at a friend’s house.

Gather your buddies together and plan your regular workout session as a group. Aerobics are ideal exercises for women and they do not require a lot of space. Buy an aerobics video for fitness women can do indoors and perform the exercises together.


Hiking can also be an ideal exercise, women can do with friends. A challenging trail offers exercises which can improve endurance, strengthen leg and arm muscles, and develop body coordination. Since you are doing it with friends, you will not notice how time flies so fast.


To complete your fitness women workout, you have to do yoga. This exercise is a natural stress reliever and energy charger. Yoga helps you stretch tired muscles and improve your balance. It is also one of the most recommended ways to cool down after a rigorous workout.