Workouts For The Time Challenged

Are you one of those people whose excuse for not working out is that you just don’t have the time? Although some of us use being busy as an excuse, it may well be that some of us do simply not have the time for working out.

In those crammed, overscheduled 24 hours in a day, there are just so many things to get done that it does not leave over time to fit in an exercise schedule.

However, if your health and long term well being is important and you really want to do it, you can extract about 15 minutes of your time to fit in a short but intense workout.

Remember even short workouts will make a difference, even those will improve fitness and health. Here are some short workouts you can incorporate in a busy day:

Chair Squats: Your feet should be about shoulder length apart, with a chair behind you. Make to sit down, but don’t. Instead hold your rear end to hover above the seat in position for some moments and then stand back up. Repeat. You can do these when you have few minutes in office even.

Running: Just step out the door and run. Run for as long as you have or as long as you can. If you find that you cannot run to begin with, walk as fast as possible and then work it up to a run. [Benefit of running]

Skipping: When you jumped rope as a child you never realized how it could get your heart pumping and your blood flowing. Begin with short sets of 50 skips rest for a minute or two, and then repeat. Skipping can be taxing on the knees so don’t overdo it; work yourself up to a more challenging work out.

Stair climbing: If your office is located in a high tower block, make use of the stairs and save some electricity all at the same time. For just a few minutes, you can pack in quite a good workout.

And so what if you work on the first floor, there is nothing to prevent you from going up to the 10th floor to enjoy the scenery and then come back down again.

Bicycle to work: Mayors of cities and celebrity actors do it; you too can take a page out of their book. You can use your cycle to get to work, to make a difference to yourself as well as to the environment (that much less fossil fuel you’re burning). Carry a change of clothes if you feel you’ll get all sweaty.