Worried About Flabby Arms? Arm Toning Tips

Arm strengthening and toning workouts are a very important part of your routine exercises.

Because they respond to the effects of training quickly, you can expect dramatic results within six weeks.

Here are a few arm toning exercises for those who are embarrassed with their flabby arms.

  1. Arm circles: Perform a series of arm circles to get your shoulders, biceps and triceps in shape. Stretch both of your arms to your sides either by sitting on a chair or by standing straight. With your palms down and hands flattened, form small circles in a clockwise motion. Do as many arm circles as you can in clockwise direction and then change to counter clockwise.
  2. Push-ups: Military style push-ups are killer exercises for toning your flabby arms and you don’t spend much time on the carpet or floor as you use the tips of your toes and palms of your hands.
  3. Bicep curls: The most popular arm exercises for toning your arms, bicep curls allow a large number of variations. Perform bicep curls slowly and watch your breathing throughout the workout.