YMCA Gymnastics Is Not Just For Girls

There is nothing better to keep the body supple and bones healthy than gymnastics.

Contrary to popular belief it is not a girl’s only sport and boys can enjoy it just as much.

At the YMCA there are different programs organized for different age groups and there is quite literally something for everyone.

If you have had some experience of gymnastics, or more athletic children who want to try working on the mats, later on try balancing on the beams.

Gymnastics is very suited to children and babies as young as six months will soon learn how much fun it can be.gymnastics

Classes for the very young include, Tumble Twisters, Tumble Ticks, Tumble Tots and a program specifically designed for parents and toddlers together.

Obviously as the child grows there is a group designed for their needs and this can continue on for as long as they are interested. Many adults still enjoy the gentle exercise and relaxation of gymnastics.

Many organizations are getting involved to attempt to increase activity levels of children and encourage them to lead better, healthier lifestyles. The YMCA is just one of those taking the initiative and starting programs across the United States and advising kids on eating healthier too.

In some cases a children’s skill at gymnastics will mean that they are keen to enter competitions and make their hobby into a more serious pastime. This is where invitation only comes in and healthy competition is good for those at a more confident level.