Flip Flops- Comfortable, Yet Dangerous for the Foot!

As the summers dawn in, it’s hard to resist the desire to flaunt your cool flip flops. Flip flops now a days are the summer time craze of most of the teenagers and even the middle aged people. These footwear with V shaped strap, build of rubber thong are seen everywhere in eye-catching colors. Designed beautifully with flowers, logos, spangles and quotations, flip flops are not meant to be worn because of the foot pain it causes. Given below are some of the dangers associated with flip flops.

flip flops comfortable, yet dangerous for the foot

  • When you wear flip flops, major part of your skin gets exposed to bacteria and harmful germs, which in turns causes bacterial and fungal infections. Since flip flops only have a V strap, your foot gets exposed to the nasty things on the road and hence results in itchiness and dryness.
  • When you flaunt your flip flops, there are higher chances that your heels get more pressure. Since flip flops only have a measly portion of foam in between your foot and the ground, there is a higher pressure that is being exerted to your heels. This results in foot pain and hence makes a person feel tired.
  • Since flip flops only have a thin strap that actually holds your foot, every time you take a step, the strap rubs to your foot and results in terrible blisters. The growing blisters can result in itchiness and pain in the foot and hence wearing flip flops is dangerous.
  • Wearing flip flops for long hours can also cause bone problems to some people. The heel pain and long term arch can finally lead to bone spurs. The person who wears flip flops for more than 5 hours at a stretch is prone to bone disorders and a bad posture.
  • Flip flops are dangerous to wear also because it can alter the way you walk. Since there is little or no support in the flip flops, there are chances that you develop extreme pain in your back, knee, ankle and foot area. Due to the rising pain in these body parts, a person feels uncomfortable to walk properly and hence his or her walking pattern gets totally disturbed.
  • Unlike your sturdy shoes, flip flops doesn’t offer any kind of cushioning, heel arch support and shock absorption. If you plan to trip for more than 5 hours, just drop in the idea of wearing your flip flops because it can lead to sprained ankles.
  • The strap of the flip flops might be made up of plastic or latex which can be allergic to most of the people. It is always advised to wear sandals or shoes which have a good quality leather straps or fabric, so that the foot injury can be avoided.
  • Flip flops are known to be dangerous for your foot because it can even result in painful bunions. Bunions are the bumps that may grow at your heel joint or the toe joint.

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