2 Exercises That Mostly Require Machines

Weight training can be expensive and you might find yourself short on money at times.

Barbells and weights might seem like a very economical choice since the barbell can be used for a huge variety of exercises.

But unfortunately, there are some exercises that just can’t get by without some type of extra equipment.

Worst still, many of these exercises serve as the only way to strengthen certain muscles.

Because of this, weight trainers need to be prepared to shell out some money for these weight training machines.

The bench press

The bench press is an essential piece of equipment for those who want to strengthen their chest muscles. On the bench press, you can develop a powerful chest by placing the barbell on your chest and lifting the barbell in the air.

The bench press is also an excellent addition to the weight training room because you can use it for resting and performing other exercises. This bench press can range from 150 to 200 dollars depending on the complexity.

Can you get by without it?

The bench press gives you a convenient rack for placing your barbell, making it much easier to start each exercise.

This allows you to safely perform the bench press by allowing you to place the barbell on the rack when you are physically exhausted. You might be able to substitute the barbell for dumbbells.

The chest can be strengthened by pushing both dumbbells in the air in the same way that you would lift the barbell.

If you can find an object that you can lie on with both sides open, you will be able to drop the dumbbells on the floor once you are done with them. Of course, make sure that there is a mat beneath so that you don’t damage your floor.

Leg extension machine

The leg extension machine is a hinged machine that allows you to perform both the leg extension and leg curl exercises. The leg extension works muscles in the front of your leg.

These muscles are almost impossible to work out without the leg extension machine because you will not be able to balance weights with your legs.

The leg curls are almost impossible without the leg extension machine because the motion that you are required to perform is very awkward when performed any other way. Placing weights on the backs of your legs would be very dangerous and almost impossible to balance.

Can you get by without it?

You might be able to make some progress if you buy ankle weights. Ankle weights are cheaper than the leg extension machine and are Velcroed to your ankles.

The only downside to these ankle weights is that you will not be able to lift as much, since these ankle weights mostly only go up to 20 pounds each. But if all you’re aiming for is muscle tone, these are a worthwhile alternative.