5 Great Choices for Setting up a Home Gym

For those keep fit conscious people having to tighten their belts in recent times, an expensive gym membership may have been one of the first casualties when it came to cutbacks. A more cost effective option is putting together a home gym – while the initial outlay is undoubtedly big, the long term cost benefits are huge.

With that in mind, here follow five ideal pieces of equipment for starting off your own home gym. Any one of the following options would be an ideal starting point, while a combination of several would be fantastic.

Exercise bike

exercise at homePerfect for those who want to ease themselves in to keep fit with a familiar piece of equipment, exercise bikes are easy to operate but offer a great workout. They’re just the thing for general cardiovascular session while also building up leg strength.

They also tend to be fairly small compared to some other pieces of keep fit equipment, so they’re ideal for anyone with limited space for their home gym.

Rowing machine

A rowing machine is another relatively simple piece of equipment to get to grips with that also offers many keep fit benefits – making it ideal for beginners and veterans alike. They offer a great fat burning and body building workout without causing high levels of impact on your hips, knees or ankles.

There are several types of rowing machine available; go for one with high tension levels if you’re looking to build strength.


If you have the space for it, then a treadmill is a wonderful addition to any home gym setup. You’ll need a similar amount of space as you would for a single bed, so take that into account before going out and buying one.

One of the big benefits to treadmills is that they can offer a simple jogging/running session for those who just want a general weight loss programme – but also offer more complex workouts for those who plan to up their stamina levels or achieve a more rounded workout.

Cross trainer

If you’d like to get the kind of benefits associated with treadmills but without putting your joints through as much punishment as such a high-impact workout entails, then a cross trainer is ideal for you.

These machines offer a superb general fitness workout, helping to tone the user’s upper body and legs along the way – making them ideal for anyone looking to lose weight and improve their aerobic fitness.


If you’re looking for a well-rounded workout then you’ll need to do more than just aerobic exercise. There are a number of options available to you, but a multi-gym offers an ideal way to integrate a number of different weight-based exercises into your routine. As with the treadmill, though, space is a major consideration when it comes to buying a multi-gym – you’ll need the amount of space you would usually set aside for a double bed, so double check your dimensions before splashing out.

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