5 Things That The Infomercials Don’t Tell You

The many, long winded infomercials that we are shown on TV that advertise exercise equipment promise you the earth: rock hard abs, instant six packs, buns of steel, big arms, thin thighs, you name it!

Also they tell you that you can have all this with a minimum of effort. What they don’t tell you however is:

Spot Reduction is Impossible: If an infomercial tells you that X, Y or Z machine will help you ‘lose weight from your waist’ or that it will ‘isolate your ab muscles’ or ‘make the fat melt away from your thighs’ you know not to trust them. fitness infomercial

Yes you can tone the muscles of a particular area, but you cannot lose weight from just one part of the body. Nothing except targeted liposuction will achieve this.

Those are professional models: The people you see in the infomercial are professionals whose job is to look that good. They spend a lot of time and effort in order to look the way they do; blessed in no small part, perhaps by excellent genes.

And in today’s dag and age when everything can be altered digitally and cosmetically, who knows how real those abs, buns, pecs, calves and all the other beautiful body parts are?

No Pain no Gain: All of the infomercials that tell you that X, Y or Z ‘sauna’ belt or similar item will help ‘melt away the inches’ without any effort, are quite simply leading you up the garden path.

slim body

If they tell you that the item they are plugging is going to make you lose the weight without effort as you go about your daily chores, don’t bother believing them, because weight loss and fitness really is a case of no pain no gain!

Read the fine print: This is something else that the infomercials do not tell you to do: read the fine print that comes along with the ad usually right at the end.

In small, almost invisible letters, you will be told that something like “results vary” or “results shown may be atypical” or “proper exercise and diet control advised for best results” or similar. You don’t see this usually, but this is put there to prevent the manufacturers getting sued!

You can manage perfectly well without their expensive product:  If it’s expensive dumbbells they are selling, a couple of large water bottles do just as well.

Complicated weight apparatus could well be replaced by doing pushups at home! That treadmill[treadmill exercise] could easily be replaced by a refreshing walk in the fresh air!