An Exercise Ball To Make Your Workout More Strenuous By Stretching Major Muscle Groups!

65cm ISO Ball; Blue

This exercise ball or stability ball helps you to improve your flexibility, balance and strength.

This exercise is ideal for physical therapy and it is mostly used by athletes to attain abdominal fitness.

This exercise is also endorsed by doctors as a best or effective way to build core muscles.

This ball is perfect for the people who have height between 5’0″ to 5’8″. It also includes E-Z pump for inflation and it is anti burst.

Exercise Ball

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Danskin Weighted Toning Ball 6lbs

Exercise BallThis Danskin Weighted Toning Ball is a unique strength training tool that offers a “soft, comfortable” exercise, which is alternative to conventional dumbbells [Dumbbell Workouts].

Your core strength, overall muscle tone, functional movement and flexibility will be improved a lot with this toning ball.

The core muscles of your midsection such as obliques, abdominals, lower back and hips will be strengthened day by day by performing exercises with this ball and everyday tasks will be more enjoyable and easy with these exercises.

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Exercise Ball – 75cm Exercise Ball w/ Pump & Workout Chart

Exercise BallBy performing exercises with this stability ball, your abdominal muscles will become fit and fine. It is easy to use this stability ball.

These exercise balls are now used in the leading health clubs around the nation and it is becoming a standard item for any home gym.

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SPRI® 65cm Xercise Bal

Exercise BallThese exercise balls are safe, slow deflate and performs heavy duty.

These balls are durable enough to withstand diverse training applications in any club environment and they are designed for heavy use in all workout environments.

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