Best Eco-Friendly Gym Gear

Setting up a home gym is a great step towards fitness. Health, fitness and eco-friendly gear, all go together. When you are trying to set up an eco-friendly gym getting the right gear is also important.

Eco-friendly gym gear is not just good for the Earth but also your household. Here are some home gym equipments that have been made with recycled, toxin-free and sustainable resources.

Best Eco-Friendly Gym Gear

The Grid

A muscle relieving tool, The Grid uses less foam than the conventional rollers. IT also has a sturdy exterior which makes it far more durable that the other rollers. At $45 it is a great investment and a great service to the Earth too.

Eco-friendly Exercise Mat

Pushups and lunges are stressful on the joints without an exercise mat. Hence mats are an important addition to any gym whether commercial or home. Most mats are made of PVC and latex. But the Hugger Mugger Earth Elements Mat is an eco-friendly which has none of these toxic materials in it. Also the entire manufacturing process is free of toxic chemicals.

EcoWise Medicine Balls

Made of patented eco-friendly material these medicine balls from EcoWise are entirely phthalate-free. They come in various colorful combinations made from chemical-free dyes. Hence they are gentle on your body and cause no harm to the skin.

EcoFit Stability Ball

Stability balls are used by gym regulars to tone their bodies. This involves rolling around the stability ball which means contact with your bare skin. PVC, phthalate and latex fabricated stability balls are irritants which can harm your skin and body too. EcoFit Anti-Burst Stability Ball is one gear which keeps all such worries out and protects the environment as well. You can also have it in three metallic shades.

EcoWise Aeromat

Made of completely eco friendly materials this mat helps you manage your balancing workouts with ease. EcoWise Aeromat is a perfect fit in your home gym as it will keep your household away from the harmful effects of synthetic chemicals.

Manduka Hand Towel

While paper towels have been the normal ways of wiping the sweat off your brow, gymming need not mean destruction of precious trees.  Use of cloth towels is the new cool thing to do when turning fit. Manduka eQua Hand Towel is the latest environment friendly thing to add to your home gym. Manufactured from recyclable microfiber this hand towel is also packed in a recycled packaging which in turn can be recycled and reused.

Marcy Iron Dumbbells

The dumbbells are made using recyclable iron and manufactured using emission-free techniques and processes. What is more they also have bacteria resistant odor free paints. The Marcy Iron Dumbbells are 15-pound weights which do not leave any residues on your hands when you exercise.