Best Gym Equipment

Gyms are offering different types of fitness equipment and when you go to the gym for the first time, you may not be able to decide which equipment is useful for you.

To know which equipment is useful for you, you take an appointment from the trainer and talk to him about the different types of equipment and their uses.

He will suggest you which type of equipment is suitable for you.

Don’t stick to only one gym equipment, workout on different gym equipment as it will workout all the muscles in your body. Using different exercise equipment improves your muscle strength and tones your body.gym equipment

You can use any gym equipment but there are specific gym machines that are used more than others. This equipment shape and strengthen your muscles and help you in burning more calories and fat.

Use this machines two to three times in your workout program to get better results.

  1. Treadmill: Treadmill is the most preferred equipment by every one. You can perform walking or running on the treadmill and you will get better results than normal walking. Treadmills are now coming with digital meters which indicate speed, amount of calories burned, heart rate and the distance traveled. You can increase or decrease the intensity of workout by adjustments in the treadmill. You can adjust the inclination for workout suitable for you. It will burn maximum fat and amount of calories.
  1. Elliptical trainer: Elliptical trainer is a stationary exercise machine which is used for cardio workout. An elliptical trainer works when you stand on foot pads and hold hand grips that will help with balance issues. It also has upper body workout feature. You can perform walking or running without any pains in joints. It is excellent for the total body workout.
  1. Lateral pull down: Lateral pull down is the one of the best gym equipment in the gym. It works on your back, core and arms in one simple movement. Stand in front of your machine with feet shoulder with apart and hold a handle in each hand. Bring your arms slowly backward as the weights pull on the band. The arms should not back further than your shoulders as it may harm your arms. Pull the bands forward and down slowly as you feel the effort in your back muscles and core. Lateral pull down shape up your back with three workouts in a week.
  1. Exercise bike: Exercise bike is a stationary bike used to tone your lower part of the body. It works on your legs, thighs and hips. Your leg muscles will be strengthened and fat deposited at hips and thighs is reduced. Different types of exercise bikes will be available at the gym. Digital meters are present for these exercise bikes, so you can check how much distance you have traveled, what is the speed, number of calories burned and time you have spent on cycling. You can increase or decrease the intensity by adjusting the meter.
  1. Rowing machine: Rowing machines offer the benefit of overall workout with little impact on the joints. Position yourself on the seat, sit straight and keep your abdominal muscles tight. It will work on your arms, back and legs with three workouts throughout the week. Take hold of the handles and pull back at the same time you push off with your legs. Workout for twenty five to thirty minutes three to four times a week for better results. You should maintain a proper posture to see the results quickly and to burn more calories.

You can select any one or more of this gym equipment to shape your body, to strengthen your muscles and for a healthier lifestyle.