The Best Toning Equipment for Seniors

While younger people who are generally healthy and fit, may have no problem using regular toning equipment such as a treadmill, an exercise bike, a rowing machine etc., seniors may have other requirements. However seniors may have problems using such equipment even though their requirement to remain active and limber is even more important at this stage in life.

toning equipmentFor seniors it is important to use appropriate toning equipment and remain active.

Since exercise can help strengthen bones and muscles, keeping them healthier and more able, it can combat frailty and can help them improve balance preventing falls and injuries.

With joint pain being a daily problem, low impact toning equipment is required that does not stress the joints and cause jarring.

Also with age many seniors may develop certain infirmities and physical impairments that limit their mobility, so specially manufactured toning equipment is required.

Some toning equipment options for seniors are –

The Motorized Stationary Cycle – This is very useful toning equipment for seniors, those who are dealing with injury and require rehabilitation as well as those who suffer from certain diseases such as Parkinson’s.

Motorized exercise cycles can have their own built-in seating facility or they can be operated while seated in a regular seat or even a wheel chair.

This toning equipment offers forced exercise that can act as physiotherapy for the bones and muscles. Studies have also shown that such toning equipment can have a beneficial impact on seniors and even reduce their disease symptoms quite significantly.

Light weights – Lighter dumbbells and other free weights can be used even sitting down and can be useful toning equipment for seniors to improve upper body strength, and endurance.

Toning Bands – These can also be suitable toning equipment for elders since they provide resistance without the stress of lifting weights. A toning band can be used to tone different parts of the body or to add variety to a workout.

Medicine Balls – They can improve muscle tone and strength as well. This toning equipment is smaller than an exercise ball, and is used to simulate different movements such as throwing, catching, and reaching and so on. This improves coordination and endurance.

Exercise mats – In addition to toning equipment, it is important for seniors to invest in certain other items such as a non slip mat or exercise surface to prevent falls and injury which the older person may be more prone to. Not only do they prevent fall and injury but they can also cushion the area, thereby reducing impact and jarring.

No Toning equipment – There are many low impact exercises that are suitable for seniors and which require no toning equipment to be purchased. Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates and similar activities help improve, strength, endurance and muscle tone and yet are suitable even for old and infirm individuals.

What is also important for seniors is to consult with a doctor about the suitability of the toning equipment that they need to buy. Also the instructions that come with the equipment should be properly perused so that one is aware of the best and optimal way of using it.