Cheaper Fitness – An Ongoing Quest

Short on cash? So are a lot of people. But oddly enough, instead of gym memberships plummeting, the gyms are currently packed with members. The reason?

  1. Gyms are lowering their gym membership fees
  2. People are stressed out and realized that they need exercise in order to combat stress

In addition to lowered gym memberships, many gyms are offering special deals and throwing out discounts. But the exercise programs that are expected to make the biggest profit are low-cost programs such as yoga.

Programs that are suffering are dieting programs that offer specific meal plans for set rates. These programs are being ditched for lower cost meals found at grocery stores.

But what if I can’t afford a gym membership at all?

What do you think people did long before the invention of the elliptical machine? They ran. They walked. They swam. They did any sorts of activities that require two arms and two legs. Fitness is one of the few health activities that can be completely free.

If you need stronger muscles, do sit-ups and pushups. If you want to slim your waist, go for a jog. Gym memberships are only essential if you want to target specific muscle groups or if you want to kill your boredom with the gym’s range of exercise options.

Ultra-cheap fitness equipment

If you have a tiny budget, create your own mini gym. Go buy a jump rope and learn to do jump rope tricks. Purchase some cheap hand weights. These little suckers are very versatile. Kill your boredom by using a radio or a CD player with your favorite music.

If you can’t afford a fitness trainer, buy some fitness DVD’s. Finally, jump on ebay and Craig’s list for great deals on used fitness equipment. Many people have to stop using equipment out of boredom, injury, or a lack of time. Take advantage of that and nab yourself a bench press.

Beware of really cheap exercise equipment

If you’re looking to save money, keep in mind that really cheap equipment does not last as long. This is especially true of treadmills that can only handle so much stress and weight.

These pieces of equipment will often need to be repaired, eventually costing you 2-4 times what you originally paid for the treadmill.

Also, cheap exercise equipment breaks when you least want them to, like when you are in the middle of a bench press. There’s nothing worse than your equipment failing when you’re in the middle of a dangerous lift.