Exercise Bikes Vs. Treadmills – How to Improve Your Cardio Workout

The main point of the cardio workout is to move the major muscle groups of the body for a longer period of time.

There are different kinds of machines that are supposed to offer you the possibility of having cardio in the comfort of your own home, such as the treadmills and the exercise bike.


Just as the name suggests, the exercise bike has the role to offer you the same possibilities as riding a regular bike. The treadmill works similarly, but it is supposed to simulate outside running.

Both of them have been created to make you burn calories and to improve your aerobic skills.


The treadmill is made of handrails and a track that moves with a circular motion. Naturally there is also a kill switch that you can secure to your clothes so you can use it if you happen to fall.

On the other hand the exercise bikes have a totally different look. They usually come with an adjustable seat, pedals that revolve in a circle and handle bars. They need less space than a treadmill.

Both devices have several adjustment possibilities so you can set the intensity of your workout. In case of the treadmill you can set the speed and the inclination to make the workout more difficult.

The exercise bikes offer the possibility to increase resistance. This way it will become more difficult to turn the pedals. You also have the possibility to stand up and move the pedals to simulate riding up a hill.


Both of the machines offer some level of impact. Since your feet repetitively hit the treadmill the ankles, hips and joints will be under a lot of stress. On the other hand, in case of the bike there is almost no impact at all.


In case of home workouts the main point is to burn calories. Since when running on the treadmill you have to stand upright most probably you will burn a lot more calories than in case of the bike.

According to official information, a one hour use of the treadmill burns about 785 calories. The same time spent on the bike results in 575 calories burnt. However we have to add that this is only an average. It all depends on the intensity you are working at.

You should choose the equipment that is more suitable for your needs. You also have the option to use both of them.