Exercise Mats To Avoid Injuries While Performing Exercises

Premium Yoga Mat

For beginners, yoga mats are good choice, as the mat helps for a firm positioning of feet and hands.

Yoga mats improve balance and coordination. You can perform asanas comfortably on yoga mats.

Yoga mats can reduce injuries caused due to slippery surfaces.

If you are practicing hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga, power yoga, or just starting yoga, you can get the yoga mat suitable for you.

yoga mat

This premium yoga mat is light weight and extremely suitable for Pilates, yoga and stretching. Textured surface offers a firm and cushioned support. You can roll easily when not in use for storage purposes and it can be easily washable.

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Folding Gym Mat with Handles

gym matGym mat provides comfort and durability to your exercise program.

Folding gym mat contains built in carry handles and it can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. You can lie on it as it is big enough and can also jump on it.

This mat is suitable for home or gym. This gym amt is foldable, so you can easily transport this matt to home or gym. If you are using this mat at home, you can simply fold and store it under the bed. It is available in black color.

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The Perfect Pilates Mat

pilates matYou can perform Pilates exercises on Pilates mat to tone and strengthen your body.

This Perfect Pilates Mat is foldable and can be easily stored.

Pilates mats are available in different styles, colors and sizes. The mat should be thicker than yoga mats.

The mat should be wide and long enough, as you should perform exercise on the mat only to avoid injuries. Many of them prefer foldable mats because they are easier for storage.

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