Fall and Buying The Best Running Shoes

As fall comes, more and more people start thinking about picking up running again after they were slacking off during the summer. In case you would like to get new shoes, you should know that the shock absorbing shoes don’t offer better injury prevention than other running shoe.

Fall and Buying The Best Running Shoes

Smaller Stores

It is common for the larger chain stores not to be able to answer all the needs of their customers. This is why you should go to local running stores. These shops have employees that have a lot of information about the shoes who will be able to help you make the right decision.

Width and Length

Don’t forget that your feet need some space to breathe when you are running and so it is best to get shoes about half an inch longer than your regular shoes. It is common for the running shoes to irritate the feet at the sides and if this is the case, you should consider extra wide shoes .

Test “drive”

Buying shoes is just like buying a new car: you should take them for a test run. You should ask the store clerk to allow you to take the shoes out for a run. This is the only way for you to know whether the shoes are truly suitable for you or not.


Most probably you know that new models come out each month, so if you find shoes that are suitable for you, you might find it difficult to buy the same model again. This is why it might be a good idea to buy an extra pair of the shoes that seem comfortable to you. When a new model appears, the old models will be on sale so you could wait for a while until the shoes you like will be on sale.

Your Size

Although you might be certain of your size, you should always reassure yourself that you buy the right size. This is because you might need seize seven of a Puma but it is possible that you will need 7.5 for Reebok or the other way around.


The manufacturers are always trying to come up with new accessories, but you should remember that you don’t need all kinds of accessories to stay injury-free. You should buy only the accessories that your doctor recommends, such as gel pads, and stick to them. This way running will become cheaper for you.