Fitness Accessories For A Healthier Lifestyle

Beaded Jump Rope Orange/Grey

Jumping rope is an activity that is suited for cardiovascular workout, similar to riding bicycle or jogging.

For a vigorous activity of one hour, it can burn up to 1300 calories.

Jumping rope avoids knee damage, which may occur due to running.

This beaded jump rope helps to strengthen your shoulders and arms. This rope is designed with high density beads formed around the rope for consistent weight distribution. It builds endurance nad cardiovascular fitness.jumping rope

It is of less cost and easy to carry anywhere. While using jumping rope, wear a pair of aerobic or cross-training shoes. Avoid jumping on concrete or hard tiles; choose wooden floors or rubber tiles.

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Tension Squeezer; max cap 8cm

squeezerTension squeezer works the reflexology points of the hand.

These squeezers are useful for reducing tension and anxiety.

They can also help to treat repetitive strain injuries.

It also helps to relieve stress while strengthening your grip and it is made from high density rubber.

You can keep this squeezer along with you or take it while you are traveling so that you can develop your grip, wherever and whenever you alike.

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48″x36″x1/4″ PVC Bike Mat

bike matBike mats are made of super tough durable material that helps in protecting your floors and carpets from damaging effects of heavy exercise equipment and debris from mechanical parts.

Your equipment life is prolonged by helping to prevent carpet and floor dust from entering mechanical and belt parts.

It can dampen the vibrations that can cause wear and tear to your equipment and blocks noises so that other family members are not disturbed.

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