Fitness Balls For Total Body Workout

Uni-Bodi Cross Training Stability Ball W/ Resistance

Fitness ball works multiple muscles at one time while forcing your body to balance itself. Fitness becomes fun with this Uni-Bodi ball.

This stability ball targets your different muscle groups. It incorporates strengths of Pilates, isometric bands and core training.

This Uni-Bodi ball is provided with bands which are adjustable to multiple lengths for various full body exercises and resistance levels.

fitness ball

This ball consists of two handles, two foot straps, three resistance bands, one wrist band, one foot pump, one measuring tape, and one valve remover.

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Everlast Fitness Ball With Anti-Burst And Free Two-Way Action Pump

fitness ballFitness balls come in different sizes and shapes. Fitness balls are recommended for low intensity muscle toning workouts.

But due to errors in designs and poor quality, it has become strenuous method of exercise.

Everlast has made the fitness ball with latest technology for men, which is Anti-Burst. This ball is made with special polymers and silicone to add durability and eliminate tearing, puncturing and ripping that are often seen in balls.

The anti burst fitness ball can be quickly increased or decreased in size with two way pump so that it can be carried easily along with you to the gym or fitness classes. It is available in three sizes and has the weight capacity of 300lbs.

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6 lb. Rubber Fitness Ball With Strap

fitness ballFitness balls are inexpensive equipment which offers a total body workout while improving your balance. You can perform hundreds of different exercises on this fitness ball. [Exercise Ball Workouts]

This rubber fitness ball has a unique Velcro strap that can be attached firmly to your arm, hand or even leg.

This unique strap enables you to isolate and more efficiently exercise specific areas of the body and provides complete and effective workout.

You can concentrate on one particular muscle group with this fitness ball. It is easy to grip and is easy to transport. This fitness ball is available in different weights such as 6lbs, 8lbs, and 10 lbs.
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