Fitness Equipment To Generate Electricity While Exercising

Fitness Equipment To Generate Electricity

–Get eco-friendly while you exercise with these human-powered workout facilities and equipment

We all know that fitness exercise equipment help us stay fit and healthy. But what about the energy that is consumed while using those equipment?  On one hand, the energy we release during exercise goes untapped while on the other, we use external energy to run the fitness equipment. Here are some human-powered fitness centers or workout equipment which will help you turn kinetic energy into electric energy:

1. The Green Microgym

Located in Portland, Oregon, the Green Microgym specializes in human-powered fitness exercise equipment for all fitness types. Their equipment uses plugOutt technology that allows any piece of moving equipment in the gym to create energy.


Simply plug the equipment into a regular electric outlet and start adding electricity to the grid! No inverter or rewiring required. Gyms like these are opening up all across the country, with many types of technologies to harness human kinetic energy. Let’s explore a few.

2. Team Dynamo Stationary Bikes

The Team Dynamos stationary bikes are a great basic option for any home or fitness gym. Using the FireWheel FIGG generator system, these machines can generate up to 450 watts of energy depending on the fitness level of the human using them. They’ve been installed in many gyms throughout the US.


3. Spin Bikes At Ridgefield Fitness Club

Spin bikes are another excellent choice since they get really well-used during energetic spin classes. Ridgefield Fitness Club in Connecticut recently retrofitted bikes to produce energy for the spin class at the 1,200-member gym.


4.Rerev.Com’s Elliptical Trainers

Because they involve both arms and legs, elliptical trainers are an ideal piece of fitness exercise equipment for turning human power into electricity, and that’s just what has done. Located in Clearwater, Florida, this company has distributed their elliptical machines to countless university and private gyms throughout the nation where patrons show overwhelming positive response to the equipment.


5.Go Green Gym’s Power Tracking

Like other similar human-powered gyms, the Go Green Gym in Orange, CT uses spin cardio equipment to feed power back into the local grid, which helps to reduce their electrical costs, though it doesn’t eliminate them altogether. You can track their progress daily using their online meter. They even promote the equipment by offering free classes in return for spinning with them each month!


6.The River Gym

Though this one is a little futuristic, it’s a great concept nonetheless. Developed by architect Mitchell Joachim and personal trainer Douglas Joachim, the River Gyme is a floating workout island that is powered by the people inside of it. By propelling the occupants through the water, they’re treated to ever-changing scenery. What a great way to get into nature without leaving the comfort of the gym!


7. Knee Brace That Captures Kinetic Energy

There are other futuristic things in the works you may be able to use at home to create your own renewable energy. Consider, for instance, this knee brace developed by researched at the University of Michigan that captures kinetic energy from walking and turns it into energy. This works much like regenerative braking on a hybrid vehicle system and could be coming to your home soon!


8. Pumgo Scooter You Power

And consider this great little Pumgo Scooter that you power yourself! You can zip around town while getting exercise in the great outdoors with this people-powered gadget! It’s the world’s first pedal-powered scooter and can be used as fitness exercise equipment and as a form of transportation.