Fitness Equipment To Get Into Shape

Bosu Home Balance Trainer

Bosu Home Balance Trainer is one of the fitness equipments that can be used for many activities and gives balance, stability, strength and endurance. It looks like an exercise ball cut into half and placed on the platform.

You can perform different activities on the Bosu balance trainer. It is used for cardio workouts such as step-ups, jumps, hops, and lunges. You can also perform strength training exercises like squats, deadlifts, lunges and push ups.

bosu balance trainer

Exercising on Bosu Balance Trainer requires maintaining center of gravity over a surface that is challenging constantly. It not only workouts your body, but it also gives fun to your workouts.

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Ab-Doer Xtreme Ab Machine

ab machineThe Ab-Doer Xtreme trims and tones your abdomen, strengthens your back muscles and reduces obliques.

This ab machine also massages and increases the flexibility of mid section.

You can attain more flexibility in your lower back. Without sit ups or crunches, it reduces the complete waistline.

Your lower abs, upper abs and obliques are toned and tightened. It gives cardiovascular workout. It is simple equipment, foldable for easy storage and quick assembly. Within few days, you can see a trim waistline.

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Fitness Quest Ab Squeeze Abdominal Exerciser

ab machine

Fitness Quest Ab Squeeze Abdominal Exerciser is a great piece of equipment that works your abs properly and in comfort.

Abdominal muscles need to be worked like all other muscles. Once you use this machine, it will help to strengthen, tighten and tone the abdomen that you are looking for.

You can control the intensity with two adjustable resistance cords. Back rest is provided to minimize the strain on your back. As you level of fitness grows, you can increase your fitness level. With one fluid motion, entire midsection gets worked. You can fold it flat after workout for easy storage.

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