Fitness Exercise Equipment To Lose Weight And Strengthen Your Muscles At Your Desk!

Your office is away from your home and you spend eight or more hours there everyday.

Eat major meals at your desk. You spend so much time in office but it can be difficult to think of office as anything but work.

But, it’s time to change your mind and consider office as the extension to your fitness program.

Not only the office activity but you have to leave your desk for five minutes and do some exercise with fitness exercise equipment.

It not only improves your body physically but it can clear your mind and change your mood.

You will not believe that you can exercise within office limits with the addition of few fitness exercise equipment.

Incorporate following ideas into your day to build your muscles and shape your body.Fitness Exercise Equipments

One of the best fitness exercise equipment you can have in office is a set of hand weights. Hand weights can be available in many stores ranging from 3-10 lbs. and a storage rack is also included. These are not so expensive and perfect for short weight training sessions. You can store easily under your desk or beside a bookcase.

With hand weights, you can plan for three short sessions in a week to allow adequate time for your muscles to rest and recovery. In coffee breaks you can perform the workout. Whenever you find five minutes time, you can work in that time also. You get maximum benefit if you perform the movements slowly.

The other fitness exercise equipment for office is a set of resistance bands. These bands come in varying degrees of resistance. Bands can be used same as weights. Place one end of the band under foot and other end in your hand. Hold your elbow close by your side and begin pulling the band up and slowly lowering down.

You can use the bands holding one end in each hand and raising behind head, stretching tightly and slowly lowering and raising. The main difference between bands and weights is that hand weights cannot be used for leg work while bands can be used.

Yoga mat is fitness exercise equipment which can be used at office. You can keep yoga mat under your desk. Whenever you find time, you can perform yoga at your desk by sitting on yoga mat. If there is any rest room, you can take the mat there and perform yoga. Practicing yoga will lead to healthy life.

If you don’t want to go for any fitness exercise equipment, the chair at your desk becomes the good fitness exercise equipment. You can perform squats and lunges to strengthen legs and buttocks. Stand in front of the chair with feet shoulder width apart and slowly lower your body until your buttocks barely touch the chair. Then stand up. Repeat it.

There are many options to fit exercise at work with fitness exercise equipment which are less costly to shape and strengthen your muscles.