Getting Fit the Right Way This Summer

With even the most sports-cynical of Brits suddenly finding themselves interested in fencing and handball thanks to blanket coverage of the Olympics, it is likely that those who have had a get-fit plan on the back burner for a while will be suitably inspired to peels themselves off the sofa and get running in the coming weeks.

Getting Fit the Right Way This Summer

While any attempt to live healthier and shed a few extra pounds should be applauded, many of these best intentions will be short-lived, lost to aching muscles, blisters and a suddenly busy social life.

To give yourself the best chance of turning your fitness plan into a regular hobby, you need to take it seriously. This involves setting yourself a realistic workout plan and having the right kit.

You may think that running can be done in any old pair of trainers, some shorts and a T-shirt, but running in the wrong kit can seriously hamper your enjoyment of the activity, as well as causing those blisters and muscle aches.

Starting with the trainers, specialist running shoes are essential. These are lightweight and breathable, while providing support in the right areas of the foot. One good tip for the cash-conscious is to get advice on foot shape and trainer style from a specialist running shop before buying the same trainers from a high street retailer, for example JD Sports.

With clothing, cotton T-shirts are not a great idea. While that old favourite tee may be comfortable around the house, cotton retains sweat, becoming uncomfortable and heavy when exercising. Modern man-made fibres wick away moisture much more effectively, leaving you feeling fresher and lighter on your feet. Remember that whatever you do to make your run more fun will increase the chances of you sticking to the plan.

Lastly, if you are serious about committing to regular exercise, you need to make sure you are committing to a healthy diet that will provide you with the energy and nutrients you need. This BBC guide is a good place to start learning about what your body needs.