Home Treadmill – Tips For Shopping The Best Treadmill For Your Home!

Treadmill is one type of exercise equipment which is used for performing walking as well as running.

The treadmill which can be used at your home is known as home treadmill. [Benefits of Treadmill]

Treadmill is the best cardiovascular workout which will help to burn more calories with in short period of time.

Before buying treadmill or any workout equipment you should question yourself regarding some aspects such as:

  • What is your present fitness level and what is your goal?
  • Will the equipment helps you to reach the goal?
  • What’s your budget for getting the equipment?Home Treadmill
  • Can you enjoy the activity while performing the exercise on the exercise equipment?
  • How much space do you have in your house for the equipment?
  • Is it safe for you to use it alone?

Some important aspects or check points that you have to consider before buying home treadmill are:

  • Check whether the machine used in the treadmill is stable or not.
  • The belt present in the treadmill must be 18 to 20 inches wide and 48 inches long. Don’t select the home treadmill with narrow and short belts because there will be more chances to fell down while performing the exercise with treadmill which have short, narrow belts.
  • Check whether it has an emergency shut off or not.
  • Check whether the treadmill has safety bars or side rails that are sturdy, reachable and out of the way of swinging arms.
  • Select the treadmill which is manufacturer reputable and reliable.  Some of the best companies or brands with good manufacture reputation and reliability are star, trotter, landice, trac, precor and true.
  • Check whether the treadmill that you want to purchase have warranty or not. And also know how long the product has warranty.
  • Make note of the expected service of the treadmill and maintenance.
  • The motor present inside the treadmill should be 2.5 to 3.0 hp.
  • Also know how much power is required for the treadmill for its function. Select the home treadmill which uses 110 to 220 v of power.
  • Know the speed range of the machine and make sure that the speed is adequate for your intended use or not.  The recommended speed for walking and running is 0.1 to 8 mph.
  • Also check whether the stop is smooth or not. Your home treadmill should not attain sudden stop.
  • Know whether the motor maintain the steady speed or not, apart from of the treadmill elevation and weight of the user.
  • Check the incline range of the machine and it should be ranged from 0 percent to at least 10 percent.
  • Make note of the control panel present in the treadmill and check whether the control panel is easily accessible or not.
  • The screen or monitor present in the treadmill should give the clear and accurate results regarding the speed, time and number of calories burnt.
  • Your treadmill should not make much noise while performing the exercise.
  • Check whether it fits comfortably in the space you have planned to keep it in.

Follow these tips to get good home treadmill.