Improve Your Balance And Overall Strength With Exercise Ball

Exercise ball is an equipment used to become more fit. With exercise ball workout, your posture and body awareness improves. Your balance will be improved and you can build overall strength and endurance.

You feel unstable sitting on the exercise ball in the beginning. But, soon you get practiced to it.

Exercise ball workouts:

Supine hip extension: Lie down on the floor and place the middle of the calves over apex of the ball. The arms should be slightly positioned away from hips with palms down. By pressing down with lower legs into ball, lift your hips from the floor.Exercise Ball

Hips should be raised in such a way that a straight line is formed from the shoulders, hips and ankles. The head should be on the floor and toes should be pointed at the ceiling. Hold the position for three seconds and lower slowly to starting position.

Supine hip extension with hamstring curl: Lie down on the floor and place the middle of the calves over apex of the exercise ball. The arms should be positioned slightly away from hips with palms up.

The extended hip position is maintained. The ball should be pulled slowly towards buttocks while toes are pulled towards shins.

Slowly the legs should be straightened to the start position while keeping hips extended and pelvis level. The hips can be lowered to floor at any time if muscular fatigue creates a breakdown.

Supine bridge with dumbbell triceps press up: Assume tabletop bridge position and position the dumbbells next to top of ears with palms facing one another. The position of the elbows should be over the shoulders with upper arms squeezed toward each other slightly.

Press upwards while keeping upper arms stationary with firm wrists. Finish with hands and elbows directly over shoulders with palms facing one another. Slowly lower to starting position.

Prone dumbbell preacher curl: Take prone position on exercise ball with navel over apex of ball and the knees should be slightly off floor. Place the elbows over front of ball just inside shoulders width. The palms should be kept facing upwards and elbows should be slightly bent.

By keeping knees and elbows stationary, the elbows should be bent performing curling motion with firm wrists. Contract the biceps fully ending with wrists over elbows. Return to starting position slowly.

Using the Exercise ball:

You should wear comfortable clothes. The exercise should be performed in a spacious room. Before starting exercise ball workout, warm up your muscle groups. Don’t push too hard and if hurt, stop doing exercise.

Choosing the right exercise ball:

When you sit upright on the ball, feet should be flat on the floor with an even weight distribution. Knees should be at level or slightly lower than the pelvis. Your shoulders, pelvis and ears should be in a vertical line.

Before beginning any exercise ball workout, check with your health care professional to make sure that the exercise program is right for you.