Jogging Stroller: The Perfect Choice If You Are An Active Parent

Having a baby doesn’t need to interfere with your exercise program; simply strap the little one into a jogging stroller and go for your run or power walk.

These three wheeled strollers have unleashed an army of fitness moms in parks and reserves around the country.

With the jogging stroller, the baby gets a healthy airing and the mom or dad still has their fitness workout.

There are now lots of different makes and models in the jogging stroller range, available at baby and department stores.jogging stroller

How do you choose the best model for you and your baby? [baby stroller]There are many things to consider, but the price is a good place to start. Decide how much you want to pay and need to pay.

Do you really need a top-of-the-range $500 jogging stroller if you are only going to be walking your baby on hard surfaces? Don’t be tempted to buy what you don’t need; base your decision on your budget and needs, not on fashion trends or status.

Wheel size is an important consideration with a jogging stroller. The larger wheels (20 inch) have been designed for off-road use and rough surfaces.

However, they also glide smoothly and easily over a variety of surfaces. Medium wheels of 16 inches are the most popular, because you get the smooth ride of larger wheels with the maneuverability of smaller ones.

The small wheeled jogging stroller has 12 inch wheels, or smaller, and is only suitable for around town, but they are super-easy to maneuver and turn.

Jogging stroller wheels have another variation – swivel or fixed. A swivel front wheel makes turning a breeze and has its greatest advantage in malls, streets and places where shape turns are needed.

However, a swivel wheel might not be the best option if you are an off-road jogger, particularly if you run on soft surfaces like sand or snow. For you, a fixed front wheel will track true and not wobble about on rough terrain. To have the best of both options, look for a swivel wheel that has a locking mechanism.

Just like 4wheel-drive vehicles, there are some jogging strollers that come with shock absorbers and suspension.

While you won’t need them if you are a strictly hard-surface walker or jogger, if you are regularly on rough terrain, you might want to consider this option.

When you are shopping for your jogging stroller, you will also have a choice of colors and a range of optional accessories. As far as color is concerned, choose a light, bright color that is easily seen by oncoming traffic.

Lighter colors will be cooler in summer but will naturally show the dirt more easily. When it comes to what accessories you will need, consider a canopy to keep the sun off baby and avoid sunburn and heat discomfort.

Other accessories will mainly depend on your local weather conditions, to make sure your baby stays comfortable and safe. For you to enjoy your run or walk, your baby needs to be happy and content. Keep this point in mind when you are considering all these variations in jogging strollers.