Know The Do’s And Don’ts Of Gym Etiquette

You have been gaining fitness through gym activities for years and definitely know the techniques of implementing the exercise equipment, right! But, apart from regular exercising and paying the gym subscription, there’s much more to learn when it comes to gym.

Of course, most of us regularly practice exercises without following proper gym etiquette.

Are you aware of what exactly gym etiquette is? It refers to the things that you need to follow with regard to the behavior at the gym equipment and within the gym.

So, here are few do’s and don’ts of gym etiquette.gym etiquette

Don’ts of gym etiquette

  • Do not disregard the request of other gym member to share your exercise equipment when it is free, during your gap between each session.
  • Do not pass too close to the weight lifter while lifting the weight as it can be very disturbing to have someone passing right behind you while lifting weights.
  • Do not leave the weights or other exercise equipments in the exercise area after completing the exercise session. This makes the gym floor messy with equipments. The last and least thing you can do is gather the equipments properly or shift them to a side when you feel too lazy to arrange.
  • Do not disturb others mid-set by discussing an issue or asking a query. If you want to converse, wait until their session is completed.
  • Do not leave the exercise equipment spread with your sweat. Clean the surface thoroughly with a towel or a tissue.
  • Do not occupy any equipment that you ever practice, particularly if it is demanding.
  • Do not sit or rest on the equipment especially if the gym has a single piece of that model.
  • Do not carry mobile phone into the gym. It can be very disturbing having phones ringing in a gym. Carry your mobile phone only when you expect an urgent call. If possible, set the mobile in vibration or silent mode.

Do’s of gym etiquette

  • Do maintain your own hygiene in a good condition and ensure that everything is perfect. It won’t be good for others to smell your 1-2 weeks old shirt that you are wearing and sweating in daily.
  • Do permit others to use your equipment in between your exercise sessions. If they are inexperienced or less experienced than you, then offer the equipment as a means of encouragement and also help them if they go wrong.
  • Do ensure before taking up the equipment whether the person using it has finished, if they have got up.
  • Do request people to go away if they disturb you by crowding or restricting access to the equipment.
  • Be polite as much as you can and use wise judgment in most conditions.
  • Do practice workouts in the right areas if the gym is too busy. If you can practice the workout elsewhere without the use of equipment, then do so.