Use of Pedometer Watches for Fitness Regime

Physical fitness is the essential and primary way to keep healthy and strong. Due to the limitation of time in our regular day to day life, we are actively seeking novel exercise routines that can be easily embedded in our schedule. The use of a pedometer is a convenient way of doing so for many, and it could be for you too.

Although all pedometers are not created in the same way its basic usage is to count your steps throughout the day along with the distance you covered and the calories you burnt in the process. All you need to do is fasten it around your belt on your waist or your wrist and you are good to go. Here are some steps that often prove handy for the optimal use of the device.

pedometer watches for fitness regimeSet the Length of your Steps

Although most of these devices can detect automatically your number of steps some of the older or less developed models require you to set the average length of your stride.

Check the Pedometer at the end of the day

Make it a point to check the result displayed on the screen of your pedometer every day before going to bed to understand the rate of your improvement.

Use it Regularly

Get yourself in a routine of fastening the pedometer to yourself the moment you start moving around and taking it off only when you go to bed.

Set Ambitious Long-Term Goals Regularly

Try and set yourself goals with increasing level of challenges week after week. It is recommended to increase your pace by 500 steps a week in average. However, just increase in pace is not enough; you need to also set certain activities to meet the fitness regime.

Walk at a Brisk Pace

Always remember that the quicker you move the harder your body works out. Thus walk faster to burn more calories. The best benchmark pace to start a brisk paced walk is an average of 3.0 miles per hour before you start increasing it.

Count you Calories

It is easy for you to burn your calories if your activities of a day requires you to burn more calories than what you eat. However, if walking is your only daily fitness regime then you can use your pedometer to keep a track on not just the paces or the distance you covered or your speed, but also the amount of calories you have burnt through the entire process. This will further help you when you set your goals to increase your activities.

Although the use of a pedometer is quite convenient you must remember that at the end of the day it is just an approximate measurement. Always remember that the chances of recording jolts and bumps and car rides as a part of your movement are quite high. Thus it is imperative for you to be aware of the importance of the need of your fitness regime and be honest and dedicated about it. If not, then no amount of devices can help you with your health.