Tips to Select a Vibration Machine for Exercise

A vibration plate/ a vibration machine are equipment designed to induce contractions in the muscles of the user. The contractions are induced by sending in waves of energy or inducing waves of activity in the body through the vibrations the machine emits when you stand on it or rest any part of your body on it. The movements that are induced are involuntary in nature. You thus don’t have to make too much of an effort; making vibration machines an exciting piece of equipment to use.

Numerous vibration machines are available in the market today. To help you make the right decision for yourself, below is a list of tips to select a vibration machine for exercise.

vibration machine for exercise

Vibration Machine Type

There are mainly two types of vibration machines that are used for exercises. The types are- the oscillating/ pivotal vibration machine and the other, the linear or vertical vibration machine.

When selecting a machine, be cautious of the type you choose. While both the machine types have been used for exercising purposes, according to the studies one must prefer the pivotal type. This is because the vertical vibration machine is found to be harmful for the head and the body. It can also jar the spine of the individual using it, like a jack hammer. The pivotal machine type on the other hand has been found to be the most effective and suitable for all ages.

The Range of Frequencies

Another component to make a note of when deciding to buy a vibration machine for exercise is the range of the frequencies the machine allows for. Frequency is an important component which is to be looked out for. The point is, if the machine you are using is not really powerful or fast enough, then you will miss out on most of the benefits of the vibration machine.

The frequency refers to the number of times the machine’s platform moves up/down in a second. The frequency is measured in Hertz (Hz). Make sure that the Hz is high enough to create a fatigue in the muscles and push them to build strength. As per majority researchers the machine must bring you to a frequency of about 25-28 Hz.

The Platform Size

The next tip is to consider the platform size. The thing is that the wider and larger platform may allow for certain exercises and postures that may not be accommodated in the medium platform size.

The Amplitude

The amplitude refers to the extent to which the plate of the vibration machine moves up and down. A machine with 14mm amplitude will be more powerful than the 12 mm amplitude machine and more so than a 10 mm amplitude machine. You should aim for about 14mm of amplitude when looking for a vibration machine for exercise.

Power Consumption

Another important aspect when looking for a vibration machine is the amount of power it consumes. While you should aim for a machine which conserves electricity, do not forget that the machine you choose must produce enough vibration energy to give you a good workout.