Stair Climber Acts As A Substitute For Aerobics

Aerobics are the exercises which make your body fit with various movements.

Stair climber is the most important tool which is used as a substitute for aerobics.

The process of climbing stairs in order to attain fitness is the old process which is used by more number of fitness trainers and athletes.

Stair climber is one type of exercise machine which is designed to assist the aerobics. You can adjust the stair climber according to your requirement. If you have high stepping intensity, then you can adjust it at high intensity other wise low.

The basic theme for every exercise is, you should start slowly and later on you have to increase its speed or intensity.Stair Climber

There are various types of stair climbers such as wind-driven, cylinder-driven and computer controlled models. The stair climber will give the clear report of number of calories burnt, heart beat speed and the total number of steps that you have climbed.

Stair climbing can be done by all, except the people who have cardiovascular disorders and orthopedic problems. The people who have these problems should consult the physician before starting stair climbing.

You should do the process of stair climbing according to the suggestions of your physical trainer, other wise this can lead to some problems. Before starting stair climbing, you should warm up your body with any aerobic activity.

After warm-up, you should start the stair climber at lower step rate and later on you can increase the speed level.

You have to work up to such stage where your stepping rate will elevate your heart beat rate.

If you feel heavy strain at some point, then you should go for other stepping motions such as slower stepping motion, deeper stepping motion, shallower stepping motion and quicker stepping motion.

The various advantages with stair climber are:

  • It will make your thighs fit by making them to stay in perfect shape.
  • Stair climber will help to tone your muscles in your buttocks and calves.
  • It will act as a best substitute for aerobic workout.
  • Stair climber exercise will be performed indoor. So, there will be no weather disturbance. You can do this in any type of atmosphere.
  • Once you attain the safe stepping motion, then you can enjoy the various activities such as listening music, watching television and reading during exercise.

Some disadvantages with stair climber:

  • When the knees are fully extended then hyper extension injuries will occur on your knees.
  • Some side effects or pains can occur if you don’t perform the exercise correctly.
  • You should not perform the stair climber exercise individually in the starting stage. You should certainly take the guidance of fitness trainer.

You should not forget to wear the proper dress and shoes before going to stair climber.

You should prefer the dress which has cotton clothing and newer synthetic workout fabrics which will help to pull moisture away from your body and keep you cool. These are the techniques that you should follow while performing stair climber.