Stair Climber To Burn More Calories And Enhance Your Cardiovascular Fitness

StairMaster FreeClimber 4200PT Stair Climber

Stair climbers are similar to real stairs.

It is like a stepper type, where you stand on two foot plates, hold the hand rails and alternately press one foot down and pick the other one up.

With stair climber, you burn more calories and strengthen your bones.

Stair climbing is a non-impact exercise, so there is less risk of injury than climbing on real stairs.

In this StairMaster FreeClimber, four workout programs with scrolling workout is provided.

stair climber

You can control the pedal descent with electronically controlled alternator brake so that you can work in comfort zone.

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Cateye Stair Climber EC-5000

stair climberStair climbing is a good cross training activity.

It is less stressful to the joints and muscles and conditions your lungs and heart.

Before purchasing the stair climber, you can try in the gym for couple of months.

You can pre-set the desired heart rate for your workout in Cateye Stair Climber EC-5000.

You can choose different styles of interval training. Stair climber expends extra calories while strengthening your thighs, hamstrings, calf muscles and hip flexors.

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StairMaster StepMill 7000PT Stair Machine

stair climberBe sure to use the stair climber in a proper way. Do not lean on the machine.

Keep your body straight while using stair climber. A stair climber works your legs powerfully.

This exercise uses more muscles than running. Stair climber exercise is a low impact workout than other exercise.

StairMaster StepMill gives the same cardiovascular workout as a treadmill and it also gives lower body muscular workout.

This stair climber works on your heart, lungs and muscles without jarring your joints. You can control the pedal descent to exercise in comfort zone.

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