The BodyForm Total Fitness Platform – Claims To Be Effective And Affordable

Fitness equipment is constantly evolving and any new product such as this BodyForm Total Fitness Platform that claims to offer a single solution to all your fitness needs has to be worth a look. And for many reasons many prefer to workout at home, which is why there is such a plethora of home fitness products available right now.

bodyform total fitness platformThe BodyForm Total Fitness Platform claims to be a total body workout and a product that is portable enough for the home or the office and the gym.

It consists of a circular platform to which are attached two cables.

They can be adjusted to offer resistance from 5 to 70 pounds.

There are 15 exercise variations that the product is capable of. We however see some shortcomings of the product:

  • Although undoubtedly convenient it appears to have a rather limited range of motions and possible exercise and does not appear to be able to effectively target certain muscle groups such as the abs, the legs etc. The “total body work out” claim could be a rather exaggerated one.
  • It may be light and portable but with a 300 pound user limit, this is not one for the severely obese.