The Workstation Treadmill – Helping You Combine Work and Fitness

All those out there who excused themselves from physical activity and fitness routine on the basis that you didn’t have the time, this is for you – a concept that is designed to bring wellness into the workplace. The Details Workstation is a workstation combined with a treadmill. So now you have the option of being able to “Walk while you Work”!

aetna walkstationThe treadmill has a maximum speed of 2 miles per hour, which can be made slower if required and workstation also comes equipped with a height adjuster so you can modify the height to suit your dimensions and requirements.

It is thought that there are many benefits that can come from a treadmill cum workstation of this sort. Firstly there is the benefit at the personal level since workers are healthier, fitter and consequently happier.

One can burn calories, lower stress levels, and even cholesterol while getting a greater feeling of wellbeing. All this without taking out extra time for a workout – you can do this while working.

Then there is the fact that workers are more productive, which is a benefit for the organization since it means lower rates of absenteeism and healthcare costs or even compensation.

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