How to Choose the Right Kind of Kettlebell

Any fitness freak will be able to explain to you what a kettle bell is. Unlike what the scene was some years back when people did not even know what the correct name for the exercise gear was. Yes the kettle bell is a piece of exercise gear that is used for strengthening of muscles through weight training. It is important to understand which will be the best size of kettle bell that should be purchased by you for your own specific needs.

Choose the Right Kind of Kettlebell

Read on to find a few tips that will help you choose the best size of kettle bell for an effective workout.

Determine your Objective for the work out

Before you buy a kettle bell make sure you are aware of your specific objective for doing the exercises or workout. If your reason for working out with weights is to pump out your muscles with the strength training then you need to go for the heavier weights. If on the other hand you are sweating it out to knock off the pounds and sport a leaner torso, then you should go for the lighter weights in the kettle bell.

The heavier weights will make it difficult for you to do repetitions. If you are looking for a weight loss programme then it will pose a problem to you. This is so because the larger the number of repetitions you do, the more weight you will lose. If on the other hand you are looking for just strength training then the heavier weights will help you pump your muscles while at the same time restricting the possibility of large number of repetitions.

To start with, the ideal size with kettle bells for girls who wish to exercise with them is 8 Kg, 12 kg and 16 kg. The same weights would become too light for the men who should go for 16 kg, 20 kg and 24 kg weight.

Things to be Considered while Choosing a Kettle Bell

Following are the important points that should be considered while choosing a kettle bell for your workout.

1. See to it that the handle of the kettle bell is neither too small nor too big to be cumbersome. Hold the handle of the kettle bell with both palms and check if your hands touch each other. Your palms should not be so close that they are encroaching on each other.

2. Avoid the vinyl covering on the kettle bells. They may look attractive but vinyl will start cracking after a few months.

3. Ensure that the kettle bell you are using is made of a single block of the metal. Separately fitted handles in the kettle bell are not to be entertained as it may come off during the workout.

4. Sometimes you will find that some indentation occurs in the kettle wall itself. These may have been filled up with some other metal or substance. Do not be fooled with this kind of manufacturing defect as you might not be paying also for the entire weight.