Top 7 Reasons For Getting A Recumbent Bike

Have you ever seen an odd-looking bike before? Especially one where you really sit down and pedal with your feet out front? In fact, it is the only bike that allows the rider to relax and comfortably sit on its mesh seat. Such bike is known by its name, recumbent bike.

Many people would rather ride the traditional bicycle but here are top seven reasons why you should also consider riding a recumbent bike.

  1. recumbent bikeSafety. There’s no way you are even going to land on your head especially with trikes such as recumbent bikes. While you have the tendency to go overboard on doing a tight turn, the fall will only be for a short distance as compared to regular bikes.
  2. Speed. In terms of speed, nothing beats a  recumbent bike. As you can see, the rider is usually seated much lower wherein wind targets are smaller resulting to increased speed. Thanks to the bike’s improved aerodynamics!
  3. Comfort. No other bike gives you the comfort of riding more than recumbent bikes do. You can ride on it the whole day without getting any sore spots. You can rest when you want without getting off from it.
  4. Convenience. Especially for longer travels, this kind of bike comes in handy and very convenient making it  a practical option for long rides and bicycle tours.

    They are lightweight and can be stored easily. Heel strike is prevented which can be attributed to its wheel positioning. Likewise, the hands, wrists and arms are relaxed because of its steering position which prevents the rider from getting strained.

  5. Beneficial. Riding a recumbent bike can give you different health benefits. It provides for ample blood circulation and aids in the distribution of weight in the buttocks and at the back. Further, it promotes proper lung expansion since the abdomen remains flat while driving in a reclined position. Additionally, riding it is also ideal for achieving more relaxed arms, neck and shoulders which can prevent pain and numbness. Riding it is also an excellent form of exercise.
  6. Fun. A recumbent bike spells F-U-N!  It’s the experience of riding it that makes it totally different. You can see the world around you and enjoy the different sceneries. It’s the only bike that gives you the chance to see the world above rather seeing what is below like riding most bikes do. It is also an effective stressbuster. Even if one has problems with his arms and hands, riding it is not impossible.
  7. Unique. No other bike can make heads turn the way a recumbent bike does. It is unique, different and a real eye pleaser. Its features are very distinct and totally cool. It looks differently and it even operates differently.

A recumbent bike is a vintage on its own. Although most people would find it uncanny, knowing the different benefits it can offer will change the way people would think of it.