Top Pilates Products for a Home Gym

Pilates is fast catching up as a choice of fitness regime and is now a part of regular gyms too. Those who wish to include Pilates equipment as a part of their home gym, here are some of the top products that fit the bill.


How to Make the Right Choice

When purchasing any fitness equipment we tend to go by the utility and the pricing as well. But in most cases the decision tends to bend towards the least expensive equipment.

However, where matters of fitness equipments are concerned we suggest that making such decisions could be detrimental to your health.

Usually low cost products and those available through online deals are of substandard quality. It makes sense to invest in trusted and reputed brands such as Peak PilatesGratzBalanced Body and Stott Pilates.

Types of Pilates Equipment


Reformers facilitate a wide spectrum of exercises from those for upper body to the legs. It also takes care of the abdominal and gluteal muscles.  There are 2 types of reformers available in the market – one is the folding model that fits under a bed and the other being reformers for group exercises. The former is suited for homes while the latter is suited for a home-based Pilates studio.

Wall Units

The wall units are for those with a space crunch. Best selling Pilates Style Magazine recommends Pilates Springboard  which is considered the best in its category. PilatesStick is another portable device which can be fixed to a door. It also comes with its carry case so that it can be carried along where ever you go.

Pilates Wunda Chair

Wunda Chair is a versatile workout equipment that facilitates exercises in standing, seating and prone positions. It is of particular use for strengthening the upper body, wrist and ankle joints. Balanced Body offers the best Wunda chair for group exercises. The chair can also be transformed into a reformer by simple addition of resistance bands.