Walk Your Way To Fitness On A Treadmill

If there is one piece of exercise equipment that most of us have had in our homes at one time or another, it is a treadmill.

We usually begin with good intentions, but all too soon that treadmill turns into an expensive hanging rack for clothes.

It’s time to move those clothes! You can get a great workout on a treadmill. [Treadmill Workouts]

You can workout no matter what the weather is like, and you don’t have to worry about walking in an unsafe place.

The biggest problem most people cite with treadmills is that they become bored, or they don’t feel like they get a good workout. We can show you how to overcome both of those problems.treadmill

There are two ways to improve your workout on a treadmill. By varying the speed of the treadmill, you can change the intensity at which you work. Begin slowly, walking at a moderate pace.

As you warm up, increase the speed until you are working hard. Then slow down for a minute or two, and then increase the pace again. This is called interval training and not only will it help you be less bored, it will also help you grow stronger.

You can also change the incline on most treadmills to stimulate walking up a gentle incline or a steep slope. Start on with a flat, or zero degree, incline. Increase the incline for a while, then lower it again. This simulates walking over natural terrain.

If you want to increase the intensity of your workout, but cannot walk at a fast pace, try walking up a steeper incline.

To really mix it up, combine changes in speed with changes in incline. You may need to go slower when the incline is steep, and faster when the incline is low. Many treadmills have a number of settings that can do this for you automatically.

Listening to music is a wonderful way to keep from being bored. But don’t stop with music. You can watch television or listen to books on tape. You can read.

Since you should be walking at a pace that allows you to talk, talk to someone! If no one is at home with you, grab the phone and call a friend. When you are chatting with someone, you will be surprised how quickly your workout time goes by.

To further mix up your routine, try walking with some lightweight hand weights. You can also create your own mixed program by walking on the treadmill, then stepping off to do a few lateral raises or bicep curls, then stepping back on.

Always end your exercise with a few good stretches to help keep your muscles limber.