Weight Benches For Your Fitness Needs

ProForm Fusion 1.3x Weight Bench

Adding a quality weight bench to your home gym provides serious strength training schedule.

The right weight bench becomes the center piece of your home gym.

The weight bench is designed to tone and enhance the upper arms, abdomen, and thighs.

With this Proform Weight bench, you can get into shape.

weight bench

The pin adjustment makes it easy to adjust bench position, allowing you to customize your workout and lift you from various bench positions for ultimate flexibility.

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Danskin Incline Dumbbell Bench Package for Women

weight benchThis incline Dumbbell bench offers five different incline positions. [Dumbbell Workouts]

You can improve your muscle strength with weight bench.

It consists of a built-in dumbbell organizer with a pair of 8lbs vinyl dumbbells, 5lbs vinyl dumbbells and 3lbs vinyl dumbbells.

This weight bench is made especially for women because bench made for men can be inconvenient for women.

Therefore, this weight bench is created for woman’s body. This bench is shorter and narrow than men’s incline bench to fit a woman’s body comfortably.

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Flat/Incline/Decline Bench – FID-141

weight bench

The seat pads of this weight bench can be adjusted to attain precise angles and the bench accepts a wide variety of attachments. Leg extension leg curl is fully bushed for smooth action.

You can perform different workouts on this weight bench. While using weight bench, follow some precautions.

Don’t over train yourself. Working the whole body in one day or working the same part of the body thrice a week is overtraining.  While exercising on weight bench, maintain proper posture, other it can cause injuries.

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