Yoga And Pilates Equipment To Get Into New Shape!

New Foam Yoga Block

Foam yoga blocks are used for using during yoga or Pilates workout to provide a platform that is stable and help to hold your poses for longer time until you improve in your practice.

The foam yoga block is light, durable and economical. It is easy to take with you while traveling.

yoga block

You can also ease back problems from foam yoga block. If you place yoga block underneath your pelvic shelf and lay on the block, it helps to release your muscles that cause back and hip problems.

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Yoga Stretching Straps

Yoga stretching straps benefits for all ages. Strap helps the beginners to start yoga practice with firm position.

It also allows the beginners to deepen the practice. These straps are made of 100 percent durable cotton and it is available in three colors.

yoga straps

You can attain flexibility with this strap. Sometimes, difficult asanas cannot be performed easily, but with this trap you can perform the difficult poses easily.

The straps can be modified according to the person’s usage. You can also use these straps in all levels of yoga.

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Tropical Hibiscus Print Yoga & Pilates Mat

yoga matTropical Hibiscus Print Yoga and Pilates Mats are perfect for performing yoga and Pilates poses.

These colorful mats also enhance your interest to perform poses. This unique mat creates a beautiful and fun setting for your Yoga and Pilates workout.

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Cotton Yoga Straps – 6 feet

yoga strapsCotton yoga straps are very helpful for both new and practitioners, which can be used in the performance of many yoga exercises.

The harder the level, the more is the use of straps. You can achieve more challenging poses with this yoga straps.

These cotton straps come in a range of colors with a choice of cinch buckle for quick release, like D-ring or stainless rings.

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