Best Fitness and Workout Apps for Everyday Fitness

While it is completely possible to work towards your fitness goals without the help of any special equipments and tools, a little help from modern technology doesn’t hurt, does it? Latest technological gadgets and ideas have made reaching fitness goals fun and highly engaging.

There are many applications available on Smartphones, tablets and Smartwatches which can act like your personal trainer and can greatly help you in achieving those goals that you have set for yourself.  These apps are a constant reminder of your progress and motivate you on an everyday basis. The following are the top fitness and workout apps for everyday fitness:

workout apps for everyday fitnessArgus

This is a free of cost app available on the iOS app store which tracks your physical activity through your iPhone and keeps an eye on your everyday fitness routine and regime. It helps you be motivated every day and enhance your progress rate effectively.

Coach Alba

This is an expensive app but works brilliantly on any device with the SMS option on it.  Coach Alba is basically a text messaging robot which helps you during the crucial moment of dieting. It helps you stick to your diet routine and reaches out to you whenever you need someone to motivate you.


This is a paid iOS app which is the best bicycle ride tracking apps available out there.  This is an extremely accurate platform which not only tracks cycle movements but also running, walking and many other activities. It keeps a track of your record and progress and provides you results after each fitness outing.

Digifit iCardio

This is a free fitness app which can be downloaded by both Android users as well as iOS users.  This app records heart rate but only if you have a supporting heart rate monitors.  It provides accurate data and is a great companion for all those who need a constant fitness update.

Endomondo Sports Tracker

This is yet another superb fitness and workout tracking app for al fitness freaks out there. This app helps you stay focused on your fitness goals by tracking cycling, running, jogging and skating. It uses the phone’s inbuilt GPS and is available on plenty of platforms including Ios, Android, Blackberry, Web and Windows Phone.  It also connects well too many other fitness tracking devices such as Garmin sports watches.


Fitbit is a free fitness app which can be downloaded by Android and iOS users. This app helps to count the calories that you consume, logs in your weight and also records many other type of health information such as glucose levels and blood sugar.


Available for free on Android, iOS and the web, Fitocracy is yet another superb fitness app which uses game-like stats to increase your level of dedication towards your physical fitness. This app is a very social platform which shares your progress with your social community and helps you to share your success story with your friends.